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Specific Audits

  • Fingerprints: Forensic Dactyloscopy where a technical analysis is required to provide evidence and against samples raised by procedures validated by Experts.

  • Work Accidents: The determination of the origin of an accident can vary enormously when investigating the causes and investigating the origin of the same. Specialists of different disciplines at the service of our client.

  • Falls: The consequences of a fall are unpredictable. Its origins not so much. Experts will determine the true reasons for the fall and provide technical background that will undoubtedly contribute to the factual clarification.

  • Fatal Accidents: With an absolutely technical vision and based on specific and interdisciplinary professional evaluations, backed by the experience and full knowledge of the different regulations in force; They allow us to contribute to our client having solid arguments that will help in solving the unfortunate event.

  • Professional Diseases: the determination and origin do not only go back to the moment your application or rejection is filed. The specialized evaluation will contribute to our client's independent testimony of their position supported by specialized professionals.

  • Documentary Validity: The determination if a photocopy corresponds to its original, if a digital or physical document was altered in its form or in its background. The evaluation of the genuineness of a document, report or report to avoid the "copy & paste". They are fundamental tests in an evaluation and Audit Documentary.