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We grant different certifications, differentiating between required and voluntary.

Required Certifications:

Certification Law 20,393. Certifies Crimes Prevention Models established in the law and whose violation contemplates drastic criminal sanctions for the company and those responsible.

The certification is made on the basis of the provisions of Law No. 20,393, the regulations issued by the Superintendency of Securities and Insurance and compliance with the standards established by International Security.

Voluntary Certifications:

Management by Competences. It certifies that each of the workers is located in the organization by means of a model that contemplated skills specific to each position and that was based on the standards of postulation and criteria of selection for all the equal postulants.

Certification Job Profiles. Certifies that the constitution of the jobs has been established based on the corporate needs and in it defines characteristics of the position and the skills and competences that must have who occupy it.

Why Be Certified?

Why be certified?