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Risk Assessment Consultancy

International Security supports clients to evaluate and measure operational risks by parameterizing and quantifying them. In this way, the standards set by the organization and the rules and policies of the industry and those set by the regulators can be met.

Our consulting services cover all aspects of the organization with special emphasis on processes, procedures and information security. If none of these phases is developed, we complement it. Our proposal is sustainable, independent advice and transfer of technological and practical knowledge.

The appropriate risk assessment and analysis is the cornerstone on which the Development Plans, Contingencies and what Security should be sustained. This allows the definition of priorities, emergency criteria and the guidelines on which Decision Making should be generated.

If risks are identified, known, weighted, assessed and quantified, it is feasible to have useful tools for mitigation, treatment and acceptance.

This is particularly relevant to the core business, corporate information steakholders and corporate interests.

Risk Assessment

Integral Security Management (ISM) applied to Risk Management

As part of a review of processes, our specialists warn in the evaluation and lifting the Gaps that are evident in your organization. This will reduce your vulnerability and exposure and you can establish a safe environment.