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Money Laundering Investigation

The current legislation criminalizes money laundering and verifies responsibility in all natural or legal persons involved. Understanding that Money Laundering or Money Laundering consists in hiding the illegal source of funds.

This money that later is used in licit activities. This apparently licit money can affect any organization in different ways for example as a convenient supplier for very competitive prices.

In International Security we can support you with different services.

Compliance Culture

We apply preventive programs according to the industry and current regulations, adapting us to the size of your company and organizational culture.

Parametrized Risk Assessment

The adequate structuring, definition, application and knowledge of the Internal Processes help to generate matrices of risk complementary to those defined by the organization generating controls and documentation that without generating bureaucracy and slow down generate useful metrics to the risk of being in the presence of a money laundering .

KCKP Program (Know your customers and suppliers)

We generate simple and up-to-date useful information from the portfolio of customers and suppliers generating complementary information for the company, tending to avoid paper companies and customers that only exist in documents.

Specific Research

Based on a normative order we support to resolve to the organization the how, what, when, where, why and in what way a fact or activity has been developed. We have highly qualified professionals, cutting-edge technology and an empirical background of various industries.